She Who Walks In Starlight

I hope you like Loki and the Avengers and random shit, like Sebastian Stan.

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Imagine having the ability to take away another person’s powers, for this reason you are employed by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Imagine that for his crimes Loki is sentenced back to Earth with substantially weakened powers but is still highly distrusted among the Avengers and other agents, for this reason Fury tasks you with stripping him of any remaining powers; but the only way you can complete the mission is to kiss Loki.

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Can we please just watch a movie without wanting to fuck the villain?

Sorry but that’s not an option.

It’s just so hard, why are the villains so great?

Because they are complex characters that we can sympathize with who also just happen to be portrayed by two men that you just want to *ahem* slam against a wall and fuck.